Valentino's High Five Club
High Five hands

High Five Club

Reinforcing diligent effort - that is what the Valentino's/Ventures in Partnerships "High Five Club" is all about. It's taking the time to give a "High Five" to the student who pushes on to solve a difficult problem. Or offering a "High Five" to the student who invests some extra time to improve a certain skill.

Introduced in the spring of 1993, the High Five Club recognizes grade school students who demonstrate outstanding effort in classroom and school activities. Forty-eight public and parochial schools in the Lincoln area are now participating in the High Five Club program.

When a teacher notices a pattern of exemplary effort by a student, that student is awarded a special High Five certificate. Valentino's also includes a buffet certificate for the student and posts her or his name on a special display at and at the Valentino's buffet restaurants in Lincoln.